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Clean n Fresh is the best couch cleaning long island in the state of New York, as we have cleaned over 100,000 square footage of carpets, hundreds of couches, and we’ve only been in business for five years.

Carpet cleaning is not all we do, as we have services dedicated to tile and grout and upholstery and furniture cleaning. With over 600 happy customers and growing, you will soon see why we’re the best.

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Do I need dry cleaning or steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning uses hot water and a cleanser to get fibers and dirt removed from the fabric, while dry cleaning is mostly done using chemicals and a small amount of water.

Is my cleaning company licensed and insured by the state of New York?

This will ensure that the staff coming to your home is background-checked and that if any damages happen to your couches, carpets, or other property (or the employees), they are prepared to cover it.

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Does my company offer chemicals that won’t hurt my kids, pets, or the environment?

Some of you might want “green” cleaners; others might not mind what is used. Suppose you have allergies or become irritated around certain cleaners. In that case, it’s OK to chat with your technician first to ensure everyone is comfortable and the correct cleaners are used for everyone’s comfort. We are totally eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly.

Do they offer a guarantee?

Clean N Fresh does! We think of it as a promise to our customers that we will do reliable, safe work they look forward to using again someday. The work done should be of the utmost quality and be exactly what you had in mind.

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The reason professional upholstery cleaning is taking over DIY is presumably due to the fact that trained professionals have a greater knowledge of just how to handle life’s toughest cleaning problems when it comes to upholstery and carpets. Let it be pet stain or maybe stains as tough as Gatorade, nothing can withstand a deep cleaning.

Also, the professionals have access to equipment the general public doesn’t, mostly due to the machines’ very specialized nature and the training needed to handle the cleansers that go into them. Stain removal from any upholstered furniture through multifaceted cleaning process makes them a sure bet.

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Also, the professionals have access to equipment the general public doesn’t, mostly due to the machines’ very specialized nature and the training needed to handle the cleansers that go into them. Stain removal from any upholstered furniture through multifaceted cleaning process makes them a sure bet.

For example, did you know that our leader in the industry for training and education has an entire document devoted to carpet cleaning standards? This is not something just anyone can learn! (Please note the document is just a draft but offers an exciting look into the world of what we do).

And lastly, the reason we are taking over is that we are affordable. It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s quality work. And besides, Long Island is the most expensive state for carpet cleaning, with an average invoice coming in at over $400.

Yes. Did you know that your couch has more germs on it than a toilet seat? After all, we spend way more time as a family hanging out on our couches and sofas than we do sleeping in our beds. Plus, it is easy for dust mite, allergens and bacteria to grow on upholstery fibers.

So why is it that we tend to forget about cleaning the couch every once in a while, as compared to washing our clothes every few days or washing our beds every two weeks? Busy schedules and lack of know-how are some reasons why.

You don’t want to worry about all this yourself. It’s much more logical to leave it to people like us at Clean N Fresh professional upholstery cleaning service.

Your investment in our services will pay off because we will:

  • Get it done right the first-time using cleaners that really work and staff trained to IICRC standards.
  • Perform our services in a timely and efficient manner- it takes us just 30-60 minutes to effectively and thoroughly clean a couch.
  • Keep your upholstery in good shape by following the instructions on your couch tag (Yes, there is a tag that tells us what cleaning solution we can use on your upholstery, and we follow it to the letter!)

Diana Matus
Diana Matus
14:19 04 Mar 20
I have used Clean N Fresh several times and each time they do not disappoint. They arrive when they say the will, do a great job and are very clean while working. I highly recommend them to clean your carpet, furniture and tile.
celia blumm
celia blumm
12:59 12 Feb 20
Excellent, diligent, professional. I recommend most highly!
Janette Z
Janette Z
14:57 28 Nov 19
Everything from beginning to end was perfect with this company I would use them again & would recommend them to everyone! I was so grateful! Thank You to Michael you put me at ease & delivered 100%.
Gail Adams
Gail Adams
18:15 22 Nov 19
A friend of mine recommended and I would highly recomend Clean N Fresh...couldn't believe a rug so old and dirty could look so good after thank you
Marzena Feal
Marzena Feal
01:11 27 Oct 19
Amazing job!!! My carpet had a lot of stains from my dog, but after cleaning looks like new. I highly recommend Michael. And I will use him again. Very professional. Awesome, awesome job. I am very satisfied.
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Pre-Inspection Process

This helps us determine what we can use to clean your couch.
W- You can clean using water
S- Solvent-based cleaner must be used.
WS-Water or Solvent-based cleaner may be used.
X- Furniture may not be cleaned using foam cleaners, solvent-based cleaners, harsh chemicals or water. It requires very delicate cleaning method and, if not cleaned accordingly, could damage the furniture. You might experience shrinking, the ruination of the dye, or cushion damage. Only vacuuming can be done.


Next, we pre-vacuum. Debris or hair will be removed as well. Dirt, body oils, pet dander, and more are removed too. We apply an eco-friendly cleaner (pet and children safe) to the couch and remove dander, stains, and dust.


Pre-Agitation comes next. We agitate the preconditioner to get rid of as much dirt as we can and to treat stains and spots. We will then vacuum all the debris left over from our brushing.

Proper Cleaning Solution

We will then take a cleaner that is appropriate for your sofa cleaning and use this to clean your couch. We ensure that no cushion is unturned at this stage, and we get into all the hard-to-reach zones, so it is clean and tidy.


We then use industrial air dryers to dry it out fast. We go over what you can do to keep the couch neat and clean, and we also include protective coverings for your furniture.

What’s Next After A Professional Couch Cleaning?

Dust and Vacuum your furniture often- Be sure you vacuum your fabric once a week or so using the upholstery attachment, as it will lift up dirt and crumbs that got onto the surface (Some of these even come from the floor thanks to our socks). This also prevents the surface from becoming a place that shows signs of wear, such as where our feet go.

Flip the Cushions- Rotating back pillows or throw pillows on your sofa, as well as the base cushions, keeps uneven wear at bay. Sit in a different spot on the sofa, so you don’t “dent” the cushions with your butt!

Stains are a fact of life, but with a little know-how, we can prevent them.

Clean Marks or Spills ASAP: It’s a good idea to keep clothes around for spills and accidents. When this happens, absorb it, don’t rub! Once you’ve picked up as much as you can, spot treat it. Store-bought cleaners are good to use because they will tell you how to apply the cleaner after the initial application to absorb more of that stain.

De-pilling: You can use a lint shaver or de-pilling comb to keep it clean and free of fuzzies, which can help your couch look new and fresh.
Use Fabric Protection: You don’t need to be a pro to apply this cleaner. If you treat it early and then do these treatments on a regular basis, the sofa will hold up to your spills and general beatings. Make sure you test this out on a hidden area first to ensure no damage will come to your furniture.



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Getting your carpets and couch cleaned up can seem a bit intimidating. And with so many “unprofessionals” making it seem like a breeze to clean your couch using dish detergent, vinegar, and other random household goods.

It’s no wonder many folks are ending up with a damaged piece of furniture and the regret that they didn’t call us first.

So, take advantage of our affordable services today. We’re excited to grow our customer base and spread the word about Clean N Fresh couch cleaning long island. Please contact us today, as we are excited to hear from you and see what we can do to help.

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