How to Clean Car Upholstery Like A Pro!

Keeping the interior of your car clean is mandatory as its exterior. You always sit inside your car while driving and keeping the insides clean would be best for both your health and peace of mind. This is our complete guide on how to clean car upholstery at home.

Usually, a quick vacuum job is what most people tend to but doing this is only going to remove dirt from your car that will eventually accumulate within your car’s interior.

How to clean car upholstery

Eventually, you need to take care of some form of upholstery cleaning methodologies and get personal with your car, and start on with some scrubbing! Luckily, we have found out about some methods which you can implement to keep the interior of your car clean without much hassle. Let’s discover the best DIY methods to clean your car upholstery!

  1. Test the stain remover before applying the same on your car upholstery to avoid running the material. Test it on an inconspicuous spot 
  2. If your upholstery is made out of leather then rub it with leather conditioner beforehand. Then apply the stain remover and rub it. Allow it to sit for a few seconds and wipe it off. 
  3. If your car upholstery has any sort of ink stains then rub the spot with some rubbing alcohol mixed with water. Spray the same of the stain and blot with a clean and damp cloth so that the ink doesn’t spread out to other places. 
  4. For removing grease or oil marks from your car upholstery, use a watered-down paint thinner solution, add some water to it, and with the help of a cotton cloth rub it on the same.  Sprinkle it with some salt and let it sit overnight. On the following morning, vacuum the spot.
  5. If you want to remove coffee stains then dilute the coffee with some cold water and blot with a paper towel. Apply some glass cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes. Blot with the paper towel again to remove more of the stain. 
  6. Someone might get carsick and vomit on the seat or floor. During this unfortunate event, make sure that you do not let the vomit to sit on the surface of the upholstery and dilute the same with cold water. Wash the area with mild soap and mild water. You can neutralize the stain by pouring some club soda over the same and blotting it.
  7. Bloodstains are quite hard to remove from car upholstery. Soak a cloth in clean water and blot it on the stain of blood. Rinse the cloth in cold water again and blot it again until the stain lifts off.

Materials Required:

  • Water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Clean rag/cloth
  • Microfibre cloth

Step 01: Mix 1 part water and 1 part dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. Spray the same onto the upholstery.

Step 02: Rub the upholstery with a soft-bristled brush. Use warm water to rinse the area and clean the same with a cloth. Make sure that you clean the cloth frequently.

Step 03: Use a microfiber cloth to dry out the area.


You can also use the following method to clean your car fabric upholstery. 

Materials Required:

  • Soap
  • Borax
  • Water (warm)
  • Lavender oil (not mandatory)

Preparation: Mix 6 tablespoons of grated soap and add the same along with 2 tablespoons of borax in a bucket. Slowly add 2 cups of boiling water. You can also add 10 drops of lavender oil for fragrance. Allow this mixture to cool and whip it unit a foamy solution is formed.

Step 01: Use a soft-bristled brush to apply the foam to the upholstery.

Step 02: Let it sit for a while and then rinse using warm water and a cloth. 

Step 03: You can also use commercial upholstery cleaner to clean your car fabric upholstery. They are readily available in various supply stores and are not very expensive. Follow the instruction properly to use it on your car fabric upholstery and implement the same as has been mentioned in the instructions to avoid any damage. 

Step 04: Use a toothbrush to clean the seat upholstery where the seams are sewn together. Dirt and residue gather in those places and it is often very hard to clean the same. Using a toothbrush in this case seems effective.

Step 05: To clean your floor mats from the car, clean them using the same clean, and rinse thoroughly. Dry them with a microfiber cloth after rinsing has been done. If you use rubber or vinyl mats, use shoe polish to improve their shine. Rinse them off and let them dry.

Step 06: Sometimes various food items and hair gets stuck on the seats and it is quite hard to see as well as clean them off. Using a lint roller might be a solution since these are sticky enough to pick up fuzz, hair, and dirt easily.

Step 01: Use any glass cleaner on vinyl upholstery

Step 02: Spray the same of the surface and wipe off with a clean cloth

You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean your vinyl upholstery. Just apply the same to the surface and rinse it clean with a mild soap and water mixture. Make sure that you wipe the seats dry with the help of a clean and soft cloth.

Step 01: Use a leather cleaner kit for leather upholstery in your car.

Step 02: Turn on your heater since a temperature rise will accept the cleaners and treatment nicely.

Step 03: Apply the leather cleaner on your upholstery and use a soft cloth to rub the cleaner on the upholstery. 

Step 04: Rinse it thoroughly with clean water. 

What is the most effective way to clean car leather upholstery?

– Avoid using alkaline soaps since it causes damage to the leather. It is recommended that you use a horsehair brush to clean the leather since it can get into the pores of the leather and clean the same effectively.

How can I remove grease stains from my car upholstery?

– Use a circuit based cleaner to remove grease stains from upholstery. 

How to remove water marks/stains from cloth seats?

Step 01: Use a mixture of 1 cup distilled vinegar, 1 cup club soda, and 1/2 cup blue Dawn dish soap.

Step 02: Mix the above ingredients in a spray bottle.

Step 03: Spray the mixture on your cloth seats.

The stains should be gone. Removal of such stains is dependent on what caused the stain. You might need to scrub the fabric gently. Feel free to watch a video on how to clean car upholstery.

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