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As a reminder, we offer no-surprise, upfront transparent pricing: 

  1. No bait & switch pricing! 
  2. No high-pressure sales once we get there.
  3. No rushing to the next job to make more money. 
  4. What we quote is what you pay.
  5. You get the exceptional results you pay for because we work hard for as long as it takes. 

Looking for the lowest price carpet cleaner?

Be careful of bait and switch quotes that can leave you with less than you bargained for and paying more than you expected.
Here are a few words on pricing that commonly happen in this industry that you should be aware of – especially if you're comparing prices:
  • We won’t bait you with rock-bottom prices to get our feet in the door in the expectation we will sell you a lot more when we get there. That’s them, not us. It means sometimes we lose a job because the customer doesn’t understand why we can’t do a $300 job for $90 like the other guy quoted her on the phone, but we’d rather be upfront and honest so you have no $$$ surprises once we get there.
  • Our technicians don’t get a commission on sales. That’s so you don’t get pressured to buy more. But it’s also so our crew is never in a hurry to leave and make more money someplace else – while leaving your cleaning less than perfect! That’s them. Not us.  We take the time to do it right. 
  • Others commonly add unexpected fees after they arrive. That’s them. Not us. There are no hidden fees with Clean ‘n’ Fresh. What we quote is what you pay.