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Cleaning tiles and grout requires more than just using home cleaning products and a sponge. Dirt, grime, and contaminants accumulate over time in your pores, grout lines, and on your tile surfaces, causing them to appear dirty and dull. If the area is damp, mildew may grow as well. A true tile and grout deep cleaning requires a true professional. Look no further than Clean N Fresh in Long Island NY. We use advanced heat-based technology, cleaning solutions, vacuum power, and high-pressure rinsing to remove dirt and grime that other methods cannot.

We remove stubborn dirt in even the tightest corners. A penetrating sealer is applied at the end of the project to prevent mildew and staining for up to two years. Our cleaning services also include porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and colored grout.


5-Star Tile Grout  Cleaning in Long Island NY

When you choose Clean N Fresh, you can rest assured that each home is cleaned & managed by the owner to ensure 100% satisfaction every single time! Check out our reviews to see why we’re your 5-Star Carpet Cleaning Company in Long Island!

Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning In Long Island NY

Dedicated to Providing Excellent Tile Grout Cleaning in Long Island, NY

Clean N Fresh understands how important grout and tile cleaning and grout sealing is for a home or business with tile floors. Over time, most people underestimate how dirty tile and grout can become. You may not even realize how dirty it was until after you have the tile and grout cleaned and sealed! You can protect your investments, your wallet, and the quality of your home by hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner like Clean N Fresh!

  • We offer timely cleaning to minimize disruptions to your day.

  • High-quality cleaning is at the core of our services and we guarantee the best results.

  • A clean home makes a lasting impression that reflects on its owners.

  • You can rest assured that we only used eco and pet-friendly cleaning materials.

  • In an unlikely case of unsatisfactory service, we will make it up to you. Your next cleaning is on us!






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Questions & Answers About Tile Grout Cleaning

Are your methods of cleaning safe for our floors?
Our methods have been proven to be the safest in the industry. We do not employ any type of pressurized cleaning method, which can potentially damage your floors.
How Often Should Your Tile And Grout Be Cleaned?
The gap between cleaning your floors depends on various factors, so this question is difficult to answer. Furthermore, how much dirt do you collect on your tiles and grout? How do you maintain your floor regularly when you have a child and a pet?
Tile and grout cleaning professionals recommend that you seek professional assistance between 2-3 years if your grout is sealed. In addition, if there is damage to the floor, a professional should be hired as soon as possible
How Do Professionals Clean Tile And Grout?
Tile and grout cleaning professionals use the right techniques and tools to remove the toughest stains. As a result, you are aware that not cleaning the tile and grout on a regular basis can lead to mold and mildew growth. Additionally, if you fail to take immediate action, your family members can become ill. Professionals such as Clean N Fresh can ensure your safety and satisfaction.
Can You Restore The Beauty Of My Tile And Grout?
Grout is porous, so it can be restored. Over time, dirt and muddy substances are soaked into the surface. Due to the flow of water, tiles become slippery. Bacteria, however, cause mold and mildew to grow on your flooring.
Experts like us always use a green steam cleaning method to get rid of the unsightly gray coat.
Should I Seal My Grout?
It’s imperative that you seal your grout if you haven’t already. By applying a sealant to the floor, you prevent moisture build-up, floor damage, and water leaks. A professional sealant application is easy, affordable, and quick.
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