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And our screen & recoat service is coming soon for those only think they need a complete sanding and refinish!  

After years of using Stanley Steemer ....I was referred to Clean N Fresh by a neighbor.. I must say Clean N Fresh are my go to cleaners from now on!!!... Great work very detailed and very professional I highly recommend!!!
Think it's time to refinish? Think again!

A good professional cleaning & buffing service may be all your wood floors need

You’d be surprised what just a good professional hardwood floor cleaning and buffing will do to brighten up the floors in your Long Island home and get them looking new again. 

And the really good news is there’s less mess, less disruption in your life, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than sanding & refinishing your hardwood floors!  See price below. 

before and after hardwood floor cleaning

The video you see here is not our own, but it demonstrates the type of equipment our company uses to clean hardwood floors in Long Island. 

Look at the ground-in dirt he’s extracting! 

Our hardwood floor cleaning & buffing service will leave your floors with a beautiful sheen. No dirt. No streaks. No mess or fuss for you. 

Discover the professional difference!

Our professional wood floor cleaning and restoration service goes way beyond what you can accomplish on your own!

You sweep, you mop, you polish and you think you’re doing your wood floors a favor. Well, you are. You’re keeping grit from scratching your hardwood floors when you sweep and mop, and definitely doing your part to extend the life of them that way. But it’s not enough. Dust, dirt and grime will still settle in the cracks and crevices and even the grain where mops don’t reach.

You need a professional wood floor cleaning company in Long Island to do the job. That’s us. We have the equipment and the training to get the tough dirt out, the kind you can’t, and then we follow it up with a buffing to get it looking new and, shall we say, Clean ‘n’ Fresh for months. 

Check out our wax removal demonstration…

If you’re applying wax or acrylic polishes to your hardwood floor, please stop. It builds up, actually collects dirt and debris in its porous surface and eventually dulls your wood floor! We can remove it for you and get back the original sheen your wood floor is missing with just deep cleaning and buffing!

Steps we may take to restore your hardwood floor to its original beauty:

First step is to determine exactly what you need to get your hardwood floor in tip-top shape. Will a cleaning and buffing do, or do you also need wax removal? If you need surface scratches removed and a new layer of polyurethane, then a screen and recoat may be in order. If your floor has deep scratches and damages, we’ll let you know and suggest you look elsewhere for refinishing.

What about polishing? Do you do that?

No. It’s not necessary, and we don’t recommend you polish your hardwood floor either. See why in the FAQs below. 

Hardwood floor screen & recoat services coming soon!

We are very excited to be adding screen and recoat to our list of hardwood floor services in Long Island early part of 2024 to step in when a full refinish is unnecessary.  Read more about it in the first FAQ below. 

When the equipment arrives, we’ll be giving our first 3 clients who qualify a hefty discount, so let us know if you’re interested and we’ll put you on the list! 

Best Wood Floor Cleaning In Long Island NY
Great service and communication! Mike did a wonderful job deep cleaning my hardwood floors and was upfront and honest about the process and what to expect. I would definitely recommend Clean n Fresh!
hardwood floor wax removal then polishing in family room

Our goal? To give you the best hardwood floor cleaning & buffing service in Long Island

And to get your hardwood floors looking new again!

Having cleaned and buffed wood floors for more than two decades in and around Long Island, we can safely say that we are experts in hardwood floor care. To protect one of your most expensive investments in the interior of your home, we bring this knowledge, skill and service to your home.

Literally worked miracles. Best of all the price was terrific. And he's a really nice guy.

Does your hardwood floor need a clean and buff? A screen & recoat? Or sanding and refinish?

If you’re sure you only need cleaning and buffing, press the “Order Online” button below to order your cleaning and polishing.

If you’re unsure, contact us to determine what your floor really needs to get it back to a pristine condition. We may want to schedule a meeting so we can see your floor in person at your Long Island location. If a clean and buff is not going to help, we’ll tell you. Our goal is to over-deliver, so we’re not going to make promises we can’t keep. 

Wax/Acrylic Removal & Buffing – $2.50 sq. ft
Deep Clean & Buffing – $1.50 sq. ft.

Compare that to refinishing which would cost you between $3 and $8 sq. ft. plus more if you need wax removal too! 

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Every cleaning job Clean ‘n’ Fresh takes on in Long Island, NY is cleaned & managed by the owner to ensure you get nothing but the best and 100% satisfaction every single time! 

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We also clean area rugs

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the wear and tear on your hardwood floor. Here’s how you know what you need to get your floors looking new – or almost new – again.

  • Refinishing is necessary when you have deep scratches that go beyond the finish and into the wood. Sanding will level out the surface. Refinishing is also needed to repair other damages like warping, or water and urine spots. 
  • Screen and recoat is perfect for floors that only have bothersome surface scratches such as from pets, furniture moving, or from that sand you brought in on the soles of your shoes. If the finish is worn down, but not completely to the wood, this might also be an option. 
  • Cleaning and buffing is for everything else, even for floors with superficial scratches that don’t really bother you because they’re hardly noticeable. With cleaning and buffing alone, you may notice a miraculous transformation. 
  • Wax and acrylic removal is for those floors that have a buildup of wax or acrylic polish. If that’s your floor, then no matter which service you choose, you need to get that removed. Wax and acrylic polishes not only build up over time, dirt and grit can penetrate them, leaving your floors looking dull and cloudy.

Please don’t.

Professional finishes that are applied to wood flooring when the floor was installed, or later if it was renewed, actually eliminate the need for polishing.

Whether it’s a film finish or a penetrating natural oil, those finishes are specifically crafted to endure regular use for many years, if not decades, while handling daily foot traffic with ease.

But, as these finishes naturally wear over time to a point where their initial charm begins to fade, floor owners often contemplate how to restore the luster of their significant flooring investment.

Polishing seems to them to be the simple answer for them. But the problem with polishes is they can build up and actually make your floor look worse over time. That’s why it’s not uncommon for us to be called in to remove those wax and acrylic polishes.

The problem with polishes is they can build up and actually make your floor look worse over time. 

Oh, sure, the chemicals in wood floor polishes can add an artificial shine to any floor, but they are only meant to last for a couple of weeks, at the most. After a short time, they dull, accumulate scuff marks, and because they are penetrable, even dirt gets pushed into the polish. The result is your floor looks dull and hazy. 

And to make matters worse, when it comes time to refinish or screen and recoat, the polish or wax if you’ve been using that all has to be removed first. That’s a nasty job! See the video we posted above demonstrated the process and the mess involved. 


One word: BUFFING

Yep, that’s all you need. And we do that after every hardwood floor cleaning service we do. 

Hardwood floor cleaning by a professional company costs a fraction of what sanding and refinishing would cost, and in many cases can restore your wood floor to its original beauty just like refinishing does. It depends on the condition of your floor, though. Call us out to take a look. We’ll let you know what you need. 

If cleaning and polishing aren’t good enough for the wear and tear we’ll see, screen and recoat may be. That, too, is a FRACTION of the cost of wood floor refinishing and is VERY OFTEN all you need or ever will need! Recoat means it gets a new coat of polyurethane just like you would with refinishing. It’s the deep sanding that’s not included, but not necessary if all you want to do is remove surface scratches or get a new finish that has worn off. We’ll be adding screen and recoat to our hardwood floor services soon. 

Here are our prices: 
Wax/acrylic removal and polishing: $2.50 sq ft.
Deep clean and polishing: $1.50 sq. ft.

Our pricing is based on the time and effort we know it will take to give you the best results. This is key. We take the time to do it right. We don’t cut corners. We also don’t bait & switch. What we quote is what you get. 

Typically, your hardwood floors will be ready for use and walk-on traffic within a few hours after the service is performed. We also work after hours so there will be no interruption!

You should:

  • Allow drying time of at least one to two hours before you walk on your floors in sock feet.
  • Protect floors from getting wet for 24 hours after application.
  • Return furniture to your floors (with suggested use of felt pads) after 24 hours.
  • Return rugs to floors after 24 hours.


Hardwood floors should never be cleaned with wax, oil soap, or other household cleaners. The finish will dull and refinishing will be more difficult. We recommend using a microfiber flat mop and a pH neutral cleaner like Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Do not use Bona’s polish though! It will create a buildup and make matters worse. See the other FAQs on polishing. 

We recommend cleaning your wood floors professionally once or twice a year to prevent build-up of dirt and grime. 

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