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Proud Commercial Wood Floor Cleaners in Long Island NY

Clean N Fresh NY is the best local commercial wood floor cleaning company in Long Island NY! Discover why we’re one of the most trusted. Book Today!

Our mission at Clean N Fresh is to provide the highest quality commercial cleaning services available. In addition to reflecting positively on your business, professionally cleaned wood flooring also ensures the safety of you, your employees, and your customers. Dirty wood floors build up a layer of grime, causing them to become slippery. Wood floors that have been cleaned properly and treated are less likely to be slippery.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of cleaning products, we ensure your wood floors are spotless. Different cleaning methods will be used by our technicians depending on the type of wood flooring you have. We will work with you to identify areas of your property with high foot traffic that need more attention.


5-Star Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning in Long Island NY

When you choose Clean N Fresh, you can rest assured that each home is cleaned & managed by the owner to ensure 100% satisfaction every single time! Check out our reviews to see why we’re your 5-Star Carpet Cleaning Company in Long Island!

Professional Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning In Long Island NY

Dedicated to Providing Excellent Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning in Long Island, NY

There are so many types of commercial wood flooring, and each one requires different methods of cleaning. For your commercial wood flooring to always look its best, Clean N Fresh offers the best commercial floor cleaning methods. We offer a full range of commercial floor cleaning services. We are equipped to clean a variety of wood floor surfaces. We serve businesses all over the valley.

  • We offer timely cleaning to minimize disruptions to your day.

  • High-quality cleaning is at the core of our services and we guarantee the best results.

  • A clean home makes a lasting impression that reflects on its owners.

  • You can rest assured that we only used eco and pet-friendly cleaning materials.

  • In an unlikely case of unsatisfactory service, we will make it up to you. Your next cleaning is on us!






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Questions & Answers About Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning

Can I damp-mop my wood floor?
No. Wood doesn’t mix with water. Clean sticky spills with a mop lightly dampened with water, but excessive moisture can cause damage. Water left on a surface can dull its finish and discolor it. A clean cloth should be used to wipe up any water spilled on your hardwood floor.
How can I prevent scratches on wood flooring?
Scratches are caused by dirt and grit, so sweep or vacuum often, and use mats at doorways to collect the grit. Shake these out frequently. Felt pads can also be placed under furniture legs, and furniture should always be lifted, not scooted. Also, trim your pet’s nails if you have one.
Can cleaning products for other types of floors be used on wood floors as well?
No. Don’t use cleaning products for vinyl or tile floors on hardwood floors. Wood floors will also be damaged by self-polishing acrylic waxes. As a result, wood becomes slippery and dull and may need to be refinished in order to restore its beauty. Manufacturer recommendations should be followed. Learn how to care for hardwood floors in our blog post.
How do I know if my floor needs to be refinished?
If your floor needs to be refinished, you can perform a simple test. Pick an area with high traffic and a worn-out finish. Wet the floor with a tablespoon of water. Your floor will be fine if the water beads up. The finish becomes compromised if it penetrates the wood and does not protect the wood below. Your floor needs to be refinished.
Why does my floor have gaps?
The moisture content of hardwood floors naturally expands and contracts. In the winter months, when indoor humidity levels fall, it is not uncommon to have wider gaps between planks. When the humidity returns to normal, the wood will return to its normal state. To make your home more humid, you might consider getting a humidifier. Between 45% and 55% of humidity, gaps between planks should be reduced or eliminated.
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